Born in 1987 in Basel, Dion Monti is a music producer, mix & recording-engineer & Label co-owner.

Over the past years, he has worked with fine artists and musicians on art installations, films, and performances singles and full-length albums.

His list of clients and collaborators includes Gabrielle Goliath, Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, Nonku Phiri, Dumama & Kechou, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Deville Cohen & Spaza to name a few. 

Since 2016 he has been creating and performing music with Nonku Phiri, which so far has taken them on two Asian-tours and shows in the USA, Europe, and Africa.

As a partner of Johannesburg’s experimental imprint, ‘Mushroom Hour-Half Hour’, 

Dion's work has contributed to projects of great international critical acclaim, with 2019's Spaza's Debut winning 'global album of the year' in the Wire Magazine and in 2020 Dumama+Kechou's debut album receiving global album of the month in 'The Guardian' UK.  

For the community, he runs a series of talks, called Chips&Etc, to which he invites artists to speak about their becoming in the context of music. Additionally, Dion is responsible for ‘CDR’ in Johannesburg. A concept originated in London, around production workshops and sharing of works in progress within the Johannesburg music Sub-culture.

Dion lives in Basel and Johannesburg.