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“The Same track”

Composition for Video work by Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi. 

Birmingham 2022 Festival, UK.


“This Song Is For…”

Performance, Production, Recording and Mixing for performance & Video-Installation by Gabrielle Goliath. 

Showing for the first time in Switzerland at Kunsthaus Baselland & Kunsthaus Zürich.


“Group Theory: Black Music”

Editing & Mixing for Tumi Mogorosi’s second Album via ‘Mushroom-Hour-half-Hour’ and ‘New Soil’. 

Global Album of the Month at ‘The Guardian’ UK.



Sound-Installation with Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi. 

As part of Nkosi’s solo show “Landings”. Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town.



“Samt Ar Ra’s”

Composition for dual-Screen Video-installation by Benjamin Dobó. 


“On Our Own Clock”

Co-Production & Mixing. Collaborative Album with Musicians from Johannesburg, Dakar and London. Released via ‘Mushroom Hour Half Hour’ & ‘Total Refreshment Center’.

Featured artists: Theon Cross, Alabaster Deplume, Danalogue, Tarang Cissoko, Siya Makuzeni, Asher Gamedze.



Online-Residency with artists in Johannesburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Basel and Maputo.

Curation: Bettina Malcomess und Bhavisha Panchia.

Made Possible with the help Pro-Helvetia Johannesburg.





Co-Production, Recording and Mixing of the Album “Uprize!” by the band Spaza. Released via ‘Mushroom Hour Half Hour’. 

3rd on the Guardians Global Album of the Year 2020 list:



Composition for Video-installation by Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi in Collaboration with Nonku Phiri. Shown an FIVE, New York City.


“Buffering Juju”

Production & Mixing on Dumama & Kechou’s Album via ‘Mushroom Hour Half-Hour’. 

(Global album of the Month in ‘The Guardian’)


Relocation to Basel, Switzerland.





Co-Production and Mixing of the self titled Album ‘Spaza’ via Mushroom Hour Half Hour. 

Global Album of the year ‘The Wire Magazine’, Bandcamp top 100 of the year list.


“Second Asia Tour”

Second Asia Tour with Nonku Phiri with Concerts in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam and Thailand.

“Atlas Electronic Festival”

Residency at ‘Atlas electronic music festival’ in Morocco followed by a Concert with Nonku Phiri. Closing night curated by Esa Williams.


“This Song Is For…”

Performance, Production, Recording and Mixing for Performance & Video-Installatio by Gabrielle Goliath.



Composition and Live performance for Theatre piece by Deville Cohen.

Commissioned by William Kentridge’s ‘The Centre For The Less Good Idea’ in Johannesburg.




“Songs We Taught Your Mother”

Residency at ‘Ausland’ Berlin with Nonku Phiri. An invitation to Interpret Compositions by female Jazz artists, followed by a Concert.


“Out of Here”

Residency in Malmö with Nonku Phiri. The Residency contained Workshops, Collaborations with Local Artists and 2 Shows (Inkonst, Lund & PLX Festival).


“ Joining Room”

3 month Residency at William Kentridge’s ‘Centre For The Less Good Idea’ in Johannesburg, South Africa.




“The Beginning of Stories (Part 1)”

Composition for Video by Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi.

‘Seed Space’ Nashville TN, USA.


“Abénaa / Alzire / Dandara / Tsholofelo”

Composition for Video-installation by Kitso Lynn Lelliot.

Iwalewa Haus in Bayreut.


Performance-piece with Anne Historical.

Presented at Ausland Berlin and a spart oft the group-show ‘AFRICA raccontare un mondo’ PAC Milano, Italy.

“Asia Tour”

10-Day tour with Nonku Phiri with Concerts in China, Malaysia, Macao, Vietnam and Thailand.


“A Pile Of Stones”

3-month Assistance to Clive van den Berg for the Sculpture ‘A Pile Of Stones’. 





Joins founding team of South African Record-Label ‘Mushroom-Hour-Half-Hour.


“Notes From The Ancients” 

Sound-installation with Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum and Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi for the group show “Post African Futures”.

Goodman Gallery Johannesburg, Curation: Tegan Bristow.




“The Burned Law” 

Sound-Komposition for Installation by Ayten Mutlu Saray.

Atelier Mondial Basel, Switzerland.


“Disruptors, this is Disruptor X”

Composition and live-stream concert for the "anti-opera" by Pamela Phastimo Sunstrum and Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi. 

Johannesburg & Bayreuth. Iwalewa Haus Bayreuth, Deutschland.

“Backspace Residency”

Residency at Ithuba Arts Fund Johannesburg follows by a group-show.


“The End Of History III”

Composition for video-installation with Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi.

 Brundyn Gallery Cape Town




Relocation from Basel to Johannesburg, South Africa.




“The Conference Of The Birds”

Sound Design for Experimental film (67’) by Ayten Mutlu Saray.

Festivals: Journées Cinématographique Carthage Tunisie, Donesenart Espagne.

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